The Community Garden

     We have started a small garden this year and are expecting a bumper crop.  God has given us this beautiful land for us to treat right and suatain ourselves on.  Over the years, generation X has forgotten the lost art of farming. As grandma and grandpa retire, the farm is sold off to a multinational conglomerate because the children have moved to the big city and are buying their food from the Large BOX store instead of growing it themselves.  We are striving to return to a self sustaining lifestyle.  If you are wanting to get involved in a learning process with us, please come on out. We will be sharing all our crops with everyone. Next year , we are looking at rentling some land to grow an even larger crop.

 We have also started a greenhouse this year where we will be growing hot house vegetables year round.  We were able to purchase a small greenhouse worth $900.00 for a Godly deal of $220.00.  We figure we can get a good number of plants squished in their to provide a good crop.  

For more info on getting involved call Bridget at 604-847-3309, or email her at

Stay tuned for Crop pictures......