The Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides Band formed in the fall of 2009 to compete at the Hope Brigade day festival.  It was exciting to sing about Jesus on a secular stage.  You may wonder why we call ourselves the Spirit Guides?  Well it is a play on word's and a confrontation to our pre concieved mindsets.  Our mission is to Guide peoples Spirits to Jesus Christ the Truth of God's Word, hence we call ourselves the Spirit Guides.  We are now gearing up to spend the summer reaching out to the community and the Church. We are puting together some music and skits appropriate for all ages that convey the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ.


For more information or involvement, call Byron at (604) 847-3309 or email:

                                 Byron and Bridget

We are looking for a flatbed truck or trailer to create a mobile stage so we can roll up to a park with minimal setup.  Stay tuned to this page for frequent updates on what we are puting together.  We will be posting videos of all the songs and skits we intend to do.

        DJ Mix Master Mighty White & MC Big B